Don't Sell Me Short


"I know a lot of BR songs, but 'Don't sell me Short' seems to attack my sensitive spots. I can relate to that song like no other. 'Don't brush me off just because I don't belong' is one of the lyrics which means a lot to me, because even minorities have a voice. We have a bring your favorite song to school day, where we play the song in class, I did something different and read the lyrics to my class, it was my way of saying how I felt through some one else's voice."



"I feel the before interpretation only refers to a small part of the song, the chorus. I think the first verse has a lot of meaning to it. My feelings on it is that the world is full pseudo heros and self-important people, and that he's not going to kid himself by pretending to more than what he really is, mostly because he feels like what he is is enough and it should be respected."

   -Adam Style


"I thought New America was going to be the last album and so Graffin wrote this track to be the last one for bad religion meaning as when we brake up don't be make me a legend like Kirk Cobane (and forget me when I die) well the band. Like boy bands is so sad when they leave so the poofs write a slow sad song but Graffin made his one fast so what our career is ended.  But there is a new album out now so its basically shite."

   -Ron Griffin


"Don't Sell Me Short, I think is one of the best Bad Religion songs I have ever heard (of course, there are a lot of them). I love the harmonies in it, and the chorus is quite catchy, but besides the beautiful musicianship, which I think is a very underrated attribute of Bad Religion, (I find that Mr. Brett and GG are brilliant songwriters, even though I don't think Mr. Brett co-wrote this particular song) the lyrics to this song send a powerful message, a message that I can totally relate to. 'We don't need any more fables/ 'cause the writers have passed and left us lessonless/ we must find our own way'. Our own way, yes that is the way I see it, Unfortunately we live in a world that is centered around some kind of religious dogma, leaving everything up to a higher being. WE must find our own way, not some supernatural thing that none of us can explain, WE are accountable for our actions, WE decide the fate of humanity, WE can make things better or worse. 'Don't Sell Me Short, you've been wrong for too long/ Don't brush me off/ just because I don't belong/ Like it or not I'm all you've got'. And because I don't follow the same dogmatic systems that everyone else does, am I to be looked at differently...probably. But at the same time I have a lot to offer, I am a good person, So just because I don't go to church on Sundays doesn't mean that I am any less human or that I am an evil person. I do good because I want to, because it's the right thing to do, not because I may get rewarded in some afterlife. 'Everybody's talkin about heaven on earth/ I'm still trying to figure out just what I'm worth'. While everyone continues the millennium old debate on theology and who is right and who is wrong I struggle to find my own meaning amidst the chaos of living in such a complex and often times irrational world. Who am I, and how do I relate to everything around me? What do my experiences teach me? What is truth? What is history? am I right or wrong? is there always a right or wrong? Are things just inherently different? Should I accept society's rules? And there are many more questions that I ponder as I continue to grow up.

This is why I think this song kicks ass, and why Bad Religion is one of the greatest bands ever, and certainly one of the most intelligent. It's a pity that more people are unable or unwilling to listen to a voice of reason. Thanks GG."

   -Robert Flowers