Destined For Nothing


"This song talks about the fact that human beings are a product of evolution: we don't have an inherent purpose in life. We are not going to heaven neither to hell, we are not going to reincarnate, we just die. We are destined for nothing, we have to find our own meaning in life."



"The song means that 'destiny' means nothing. Those who believe in an eternity in some after-life, or those who attribute 'life's repercussions' to 'grand design,' are living a lie. The song ends with 'Why can't you see? There ain't no destiny for you and me.'"



"This song depicts an interesting conquest, because on the surface it appears nihilistic.  It is, however, suggesting that meaning does not have to erupt from eternity or one fundamental truth.  Moreover, it hints that the underlying reason why people elect to pursue religion is fear of death.  The prior theory is severely challenged when Greg asks if its best to live a lie as opposed to becoming educated or accepting uncertainty in given situations."

    -Iceth Arrelius


"Greg also speculates as to whether the sort of close-minded thinking identified above will be our collective undoing with 'ancient people succumbed to it, can it happen here?'  The lines 'Why do you consent to live in ignorance and fear?' and 'Why can't you see...' certainly seem to indicate concern for the future of humanity, unless, as a society, we can begin to approach our lives with rationality.  Or I might be concocting random crap."



"I also thought that this song related directly to Kyoto Now! being that our fate is sealed if we refuse maintain our planet."