Come Join Us


"A satiric song about the big industries and organizations trying to acquire followers through cheap propaganda directed to the weakest members of society who have not yet found their own identity. They claim to be different, but some of them are just corrupt, terrorist societies that have brainwashed their ignorant members. It's pretty much about how low these people are to target other deteriorated people to follow them in stupid missions of quest for power, money, and land. You think they are really giving you the answers, but they're just eating away your ideas and identity so you can become another senseless clone that will follow them wherever they want."

   -Bad Aeronuts


"This songs seems to be sort of like a parody. Graffin is trying to pull what the more popular crowd is trying to do to people. Graffin is telling the person (but in reality he is telling everyone) that, if your not comfortable with conformity, then come join us, us meaning the punks, rejects, freaks, or any other oddities out there that don't fit in.  When you first hear the song, it sounds like Graffin is trying to not force you, but lure  you into the idea that were better then they are.  That's where I think the parody comes into play.  If you know anything about Graffin, he wouldn't for a person into anything. he believes in free will, and desires. It's up to you, us or them.  Really, the meaning of the song is, you choose.  Do you like the trendy life style? Or is that not for you? Well if it isn't, we have have that alternative life style for you to try out."



"This one is tough because I think it's more literal than most people realize. The song appears to be about a cult (maybe even organized religion) that claims to have all the answers and therefore you should, 'come join us.' The line 'looking for more stalwart clones' implies that this group is looking for more people to become just like them so I'd say that it's written from the perspective of a cult or religion."

   -Eric Jorgensen


"A friend of mine and I have a similar opinion about this song and how it is very much about a cult/religion. Although, our viewpoint maybe be somewhat slighted because we were once part of this religion. If you know anything about Jehovah's Witnesses, you know that their message when knocking at everyone's door is about changing over your personality and becoming essentially like them. Having been apart of this organization, you see a lot of creepy similarities between their teachings and the song. When discussing amongst themselves how others view them as 'brainwashed' they simply reply 'What's wrong with having a clean brain?' I think that fits well with the line 'All we want to do is change your mind, turn it into one of our own kind.' I'm not saying anything bad about them, or even that's what was meant by the song but, for us it will always slightly carry that meaning."



"In my eyes this song is absolutely about organized religion (maybe one in particular), and it's relentless quest to recruit more members and become the most widespread (and wealthy) organization on the planet.  The song explains how the church exploits people's fears and thirst for knowledge by feeding them answers which are too good to be true.  'So you say you gotta know why the world goes 'round,'  and 'your scared shitless because evil abounds' are two examples of this point.  The lyrics also show how the church recruits people by telling them how much they care about them, and are only trying to 'save' them out of compassion.  'Don't you see the trouble that most people are in and that they just want you for their own advantage but I swear to you we're different from all of them' is a good example of this point.  'I can tell you are looking for a way to live where truth is determined by consensus full of codified arbitrary directives' is the line in the song that, in my opinion at least, proves the song to be about organized religion.  Truth determined by consensus?  That very much describes how most religions see the world (again in my opinion), disregard any scientific or alternative views and facts, and just believe what most other people believe, right or wrong.  I also think that codified arbitrary directives fully describes the rules and dogmas that exist within organized religion.  Finally, the last line may be an attack on the blind followers of religion by Greg, explaining that if your not independent, self-contented, revolutionary intellectual, brave, strong and scholarly then you are already a conformist, follower. Anyways, like I have said throughout, just MY OPINION Please respond and let me know if you agree/disagree or if I have left anything out"

   -Captain Sensible


"There's one point that Graffin is making that makes this song not about organized religion or a cult, meaning one that's already out there. Graffin is using the same gimmicks that the other two use, but its more as his own kind of cult if you will.  'The world hates us, well we hate them too.' What kind of religion or cult would use this to get more people to join them? Graffin is turning the tables on the issue. Instead of join one of them 'come join us' it makes sense.... its all a parody of everything else that goes on in this messed up society. And of course Graffin sings about it beautifully."

   -Angelo (PezKing)