Change of Ideas


"This song is referring to how the future is not looking good for the human race. It seems to focus on how the earth's resources are dwindling away and that the earth is becoming overpopulated. With the world not being able to support this large population of of human beings, a change of ideas is much needed to help solve this problem."



"'Change of ideas, change of ideas, what we need now is a change of ideas' It's pretty clear here, that Greg and Brett, through the redundancy of the chorus, are trying to emphasize the opposite. I had a conversation with Graffin last week, and he was saying how much better the world would be if everything just stagnated. He said: 'whatever happened to the good ol' days when a man could beat his wife and kids, molest a boy scout, and organize a lynch mob all in the same night? It's forward thinking that's put us in this liberal situation to begin with and I say BACK! Back to the days of oil spills and bigotry!' Oh, that Greggy! Such a knee-jerking hooligan!"