"First, I just want to say I like the acoustic used in this song. With that out of the way, to me this song is about being used.  I'm sure that most of us have been had the feeling of giving someone everything that you're able to and then being cast aside in return.  A supposed love one gets what they want out of you when you're at a moment of weakness or due to plain naivety on your own part (He only wanted a friend now he's made something else).  People often seek comfort when things are going bad but are quick to leave when life starts going his/her way ('When the world is turning for you don't turn on me.') People use and are used daily and that's my take on this song."



"Could Brett mean Liz Mercure? (with mercurial smile)"

    -Bad Brett


"Yeh, I have read over and over the lyrics to this song, and can sorta make out what they're saying. guy and girl and similar situations meet and all. But I don't understand how the line 'it's so sad, no one saw it coming, the paper said that he hit the ground running' fits into it all. Can anyone gimme an explanation?"



"Broken? Last summer I was depressed, basically said fuck it and just drank chilled with my buddies all summer. 19 and never had a girlfriend. Then I meet one. Phewff cause for a moment there my mom and dad thought I was gay (lucky for them). She was awesome. But I didn't know crap about girlfriend shit. Maybe it was my foul mouth? Anyways punk music ran/runs my life....being down on myself and society and all. All I really did need was a friend but we started dating but she soon dumped me to my shock. Why? Maybe I "choked her with my reality" a bit too much( She was just a sweet pretty girl (had some cool things about life though) While I'm not the kind to insist you couldn't have missed - I really don't like insisting on things but when I had to tell her that in the long run she really made a mistake. I just hope she doesn't have another boyfriend who did crack while in high school.... As I think about it 5 months after yah shell always be in my heart (a little cracked) but really if she doesn't want to see the big picture now - then whatever, I cant do anything about that. Ill live my way she can live hers, we'll see how it ends........ That is Broken Oh yah forgot to mention for some funny reason she wont be friends (maybe its that social taboo? hmm don't know, or she just hates my guts! Hooray!) Is there no such thing as human debris?"



"Brett said in an interview, from the J files or something, posted in the news, that this song was related to his battle with drugs.  He said that during his battle, people would say he was 'broken.' The song could also be interpreted as a 'story' or message about these disenfranchised kids, and how people thought they were messed up or weird because they were different.  Especially the part where it says 'he said i'm glad to be broken, my daddy said that i'd amount to nothing' kind of plays on the way that these 'screwed up' children actually enjoy making people look twice at their lives.  The beginning of the song, where it says 'she said thanks, but i'm broken, i guess, you must have misspoken what a laugh i've never been chosen by anyone' deals with how these kids are left behind, and when someone tries to be nice to them, the kid takes it as an insult or such.  At the end of the song, however, it almost seems as if it's trying to attack this sort of living, saying 'you could never resist, glorifying despair, well now it's coming for you, and i don't really care.'  It's kind of saying, living like this isn't worth it, so don't come crying to me because you're all dow! n about yourself, there are things to live for, find them, and don't just live in a hole your whole life."



"On the line "It's so sad, no one saw it coming. The paper said that he hit the ground running." the first time I heard that line it made me think about some other person acting out of jeliousy/revenge. I think that the song is about just an average girl that hangs out with a lot of people and just had some problems with a boyfriend and they are separated but still like eachother. "I said I'm not broken. A littled cracked. But still I'm not broken." And this makes her see things differently so she's hanging out with a guy that no one really talked to. "He was a troubled child, he'd been down for a while. Always kept to himself." And they got to know eachother. And he was just trying to be a friend but it became more. "He only wanted a friend. Now he's made something else." And this kid that no one really liked and kept to himself who had a lot of problems with a bad family "My daddy bet that I'd amount to nothing." ends up becoming more than friends but in comes the guy that made the girl "cracked" but since she wasn't broken thier was still feelings and the guy attacked the "troubled child" And acted like he was helping the girl or proving something to her "Glorifying desp! air" But it didn't make her happy. "Now it's coming to you" so he got his for trying to have his way and being selfish to get "The kind of girl you read about." In closing I think it teaches a lesson. "We must co-exist" meaning if the old boyfriend had tried to be friends with the "Troubled Child" maybe things could have worked out better. So instead of being selfish you have to realize that things aren't always perfect but you have to live with it. The line "There is no such thing as human debris" shows that the old boyfriend thought the guy was trash and worthless and thought he was doing the right thing and could prove himself to the girl. But he failed."

    -Crazy B


"I think that the line "no one saw it coming, the paper said that he hit the ground running" means that the guy was scared shitless because something happened, maybe the girl got pregnant.  I think the "paper" is a note that he left her."



"Just thought i would leave a quick opinion on the use of "mercurial smile." Mercurial is of mercury, metal or messenger of Roman Gods. Either way it refers to something fickle or volitile. Assuming fickle it would be saying that the girl was unreliable or inconsistant.      Tying this in with the rest of the lyrics I get a boy who is depressed, goes searching for comfort finds a girl from the streets as a friend (prostitute) and ends up with somewhat more than he bargined for. Maybe commiting some rash action, suicide seems unlikly but plausible with the lyrics. Well thats my storyline... ill let someone else get the message =)"