"One thing i have noticed (and like) about this text is that, like anxiety itself, many (although not all) of the examples are universal. They apply at the individual level, and at the societal level.  Competition, which goes hand and hand with anxiety, takes place at all levels, from among individuals, to among societies.  Every civilization since Mesopotamia has been driven by anxiety.  It doesn't matter if the civilization is the U.S.A. or the Yanomamo.  Lines like 'The quest for truth The quest for gold' are universals. Everyone looks for truth, and material worth.  In the end, it is usually our arrogance, and not our humility that leads to our downfall (see 'We're only going to die').  Also, I like how (this is hard to describe; I haven't had extensive training in music appreciation) if one listens to the lines 'The quest for truth' through 'Everybody's all the same': the vocal melody is nearly repetitive, w/ slight variation, but the guitar and bass backing seem to play exactly the same tune w/ every line, showing how 'the same' we are.  Bentley's bass playing puts on the perfect touch."