Along The Way


"I just wanted to say a bit about Along the Way. I usually listen to Bad Religion when I'm angry or frustrated about the path that the world or my friends are taking. The music of Bad Religion makes me feel that I'm not so alone in thinking that the rest of the world is seriously messed up. Along the Way is a different sort of song though. As opposed to being a haven for my angry and self-righteous (and, usually, self-destructive) thoughts, Along the Way always makes me want to jump back into the rat race and give it another shot. The message that the song gives to me is a bit fatalistic, but somehow it makes me feel better. Life will get you down and it will be hard, but we have to face it. Though we must all find our own paths, we are in this together, so take comfort and don't give up, ever. The song has become a bit of a mantra for me, as silly as that sounds. "I refuse to abuse what is kind to the muse, but it's there and it's happening to me along the way."



"I think this song is about how if you keep trying, and you keep putting up with any hardships, the reward will come eventually."



"'I refuse to abuse what is kind to the muse.'  Could this possibly mean drugs?  Certain drugs, particularly marijuana and opium, are associates by many people with insightful and creative thinking.  A little joke, perhaps?"