A World Without Melody


"The word melody in music is defined as the dominate tune  that sticks out on top of all the other sounds and chords.  In this song, I think Graffin applies melody to people and society.    The 'melody' in a person consists of being an individual and to not 'just get lost in the crowd' (i.e.., to not just get lost in the other sounds and chords.)  People these days shun people that are 'different' so people are scared to show their 'melody'.  This song tries to show how boring and self centered the world would be without melody (individuality)."



"Another important point made in this song is portrayed in the line 'Don't disrelish harmony, community will make you whole.'  Having individual thoughts is good but individuality in the sense that you do not interact with other people in society is not right.  To make oneself whole you must work together with the other people in your community to make a constructive society that has an identity and character."