A Walk


"I think 'A walk' is about the people who don't agree with society and instead of being forced to conform to everyone else's standards they just give the world the finger and walk away.  When Greg says 'call me master of insanity, etc.' I think he means he doesn't care because no matter what the society does he'll never follow them.  Please feel free to argue that."

   -Mock Reality


"I guess the most part of Bad Religions lyrics are based on the concept of what we learn that is 'politically correct' and what we should do or say. As a society, we are nothing more than trained to believe that the knowledge of these rules is the key for a life well-lived and mostly made of proud. And, in my opinion,  A Walk talks about being yourself at all times, and being someone that not just sit and complain about life, and the way it sucks. It talks about going for what you believe, fighting for what you think is real and true."

   -Just Another Punk


"I think this song is about Greg or whoever going for a walk to try and make this world a better place. He explains about how bad this world is and he's gonna build a new one that he thinks is better than this overpopulated world with so many suffering people."



"This song appears to be a very eloquent and verbose way of phrasing 'Fuck You.'  I would say it kind of complements 'Walk Away' by creating a narrative about someone who finally does Walk Away from what's bothering them. I think the lyrics represent things we'd all like to say to someone. Alternately, the song could also be seen as a direct expression of the punk ethos--I am unsatisfied with the conditions under which I live in mainstream society, ('your stinking zoo') so I am choosing to renounce it and create my own set of conditions, ('build a world, independent and exempt') and I don't care what the defenders of the mainstream think about it. ('call me...') I think it entirely possible that both of these meanings were intended.  Duality and multi-layered meaning are distinctive features of Brett and Greg's songwriting."