1000 Memories


"To be honest, I got acquainted with BR not long ago (so now I seek for knowledge). What is more -- English is not my native language, though it's my main language in studies. And sometimes it becomes quite hard for me to comprehense an English song at once, but when I'm provided with a text, it all seems very clear. But with BR it was a complete failure: I was able to understand so little that had to use a huge & bulky Oxford Dictionary! It was cool! Now I see what the real songs, the real lyrics mean. Because of my present life situation, I was mostly impressed by '1000 Memories'. In my case it was love. But you won't find this word in the text, 'cuz the song can imply also friendship or, perhaps, something else. Everything matches, and smb's smile was 'just too much to see'... You know, I even sent these words as the last letter to the one I loved. If you're keen on BR & don't mind to communicate, please contact me: valolg@mail.ru."



"I think this is an amazing song because it seems to come from Greg's personal experience with love.  It's a surprising change of pace from the usual social and political lyrics.  I understand Greg is now divorced from his one-time wife, and I believe that is what this song is about.  I find it very moving to see a glimpse of his heart when he's always seemed comfortable with only showing what's on his mind."

   -Jeremy Sell