1.    Bad Religion

2.    Politics

3.    Sensory Overload

4.    Slaves

5.    Drastic Actions

6.    World War III


Bad Religion (Gurewitz)

See my body, it's nothing to get hung about.
I'm nobody except genetic runaround.
Spiritual era's gone, it ain't comin' back.
Bad religion, a cabal, that is all that's left.
Hey Mr. Mind, stop wasting my time,
With your factory precision.
Factory precision is your
Bad religion, too good to take.
Indecision, it's not too late.
Bad religion, bad religion.
Don't you know the place you live's a piece of shit?
Don't you know blind faith in life will conquer it?
Don't you know responsibility is ours?
I don't care a think about eternal fires.
Listen this time, it's more than a rhyme,
It's your indecision.
Your indecision is your
Bad religion, too good to take.
Indecision, it's not too late.
Bad religion, too good to take.
Indecision, it's not too late.
Bad religion, bad religion,
bad religion.

Politics (Graffin)

Economy, Technology, does it really work?
The guy running the government is just another jerk
Try to teach some values and they all erode away
You're lucky if they listen to a single word you say
What is right and what is wrong government decides
You don't have to like the laws as long as you abide
We're all being oppressed by the upper middle class
The government you vote for is the one that you possess
I'm so tired and now I'm through,
I'm through and so are you
Oppressive fear from the government its us not the president
We control the masses of the whole entire race
Soon our streets will all be filled without a happy face

Sensory Overload (Gurewitz)

This isn't art this is suicide in a social way
I don't have the need and I don't have the time
I will tell you why
Because I think about it all the time
I think about what's true and what's lies
I used to think the things in my head were true
Sensory feedback from things like you
I don't know why this must be
The guitar's misleading me
I don't know why
I've got this social suicide
From a sensory overload
It's a hell of a time
From a sensory overload
Tricky little mind
When I think about the quivering flesh
I think about this urban mess
It makes my brain begin to reel
I don't understand all the things that I hear
I just wanna hide from the things that I feel

Slaves (Graffin)

Congress runs your daily life but they brainwash you so you think it's freedom 

We've had a war every twenty years they make you think we really need 'em 

And we're all just slaves under stricter masters 

You're brought up thinking it's bad to live in any country except this one 

And when you grow into a man you realize it ain't so much fun 

We're in a country of democracy, it's supposed to be the best on the globe 

Living's expensive, it ain't too fun unless you fit in the high-class mode 

And we're all just slaves under stricter masters

Drastic Actions (Gurewitz)

Heard a word, suicide,
Not from one, but from thousands that tried.
The lawyer's wife and the teenage brat,
One thing in common, they all wanted out.
And it's plain to see.
It goes for you and it goes for me,
And all the screwed up little girls and boys
All thrown in without a choice.
But I heard him say,
"I want out,
No complaints and no doubts, just a chance to go on."
I heard a word, suicide,
And not from one, but from thousands that died.
Want some attention and a little less regret, a teenage fluff, little threat.
And there are those, there are those who think
That drastic actions will make them unique.
It's really all the same,
That no one's happy and nobody's to blame.
And the moral to this story is old.
It's quite taboo, seldom told.
The seed is reaped before it's sown,
A bad choice was never resolved.

World War III (Graffin)

U.S. government blew its plan
Too much money down the can
Stop, look, and listen to what the president says
The first lady is a fucking les
They all think they know it all
America, Russia, China are all about to fall
Lethargy will over-rule
U.S. government's wading pool
World War Three
"Forget it"! came from the president's door
"I'll make us have another world war
it don't matter what the people think
We have to save our precious brink
Here I go, I'll push the first bomb
Yeah, it's headed straight for Guam
All the rest will release soon Right into your living room
World War Three